One thing you can really say about the Caribbean is that it is a very popular destination for families. That’s because a Caribbean family travel usually means more fun and features in an all-inclusive resort. What we really suggest is to have your luxury villa rentals expert send you villas that are located within a resort and can offer amenities and facilities, there also packages that include spa treatments, water activities and baby activities that you can combine with villa stay.

Family packages may typically offer the following:

Beach and water sports Private Catamaran Charters

Luxurious swimming pools and water slides

Kid-friendly programs and family activities

Meal-time convenience and drinks on tap

Grown-up pampering like spas, dining, cocktail parties, etc.

Baby-sitting and other services

Great family rates

However, there are times when there’s just too many all-inclusive Caribbean family accommodation out there that it’s difficult to choose just one. Given the dollar cost and emotional investment, the stakes are high. How do you know which one suits you and your family best? Please check first the resorts that have villa rentals, your expert should suggest the best in the destination you want to travel.

Take note of the following: Non-motorized water sports are generally included, such as kayaks, wind surfing, aqua-trikes, etc. If you want the motorized ones, like jet skis and water skis, it may cost you.

Gear for snorkeling is often free, but there may be a limit as to how long you can use them. And if you want to join a snorkeling boat trip on your Caribbean family travel, it may cost you extra.

Scuba is generally extra. Spas are always extra, unless you got one of those special Caribbean family travel. Off-property outings are extra, though a shuttle bus to a nearby town may be free. Some non-all-inclusives offer plans that include meals and/or activities. Kids’ Club When you choose a villa and you are family you should ask the luxury villa rentals expert to suggest you villas that are located within a resort. Many offer “friendly little clubs”, cute spots with one or two rooms with toys and TV and maybe video games for kids ages 4-12. A warm and friendly staff is always there to provide them with care. But if you want your kids to enjoy the multi-program type, most all-inclusive resort services that luxury villa rental is located, have this actually.

Here, there are different places and programs for different ages. Some worthy names that offer this feature in their all-inclusive Caribbean family travel specials are villas located in Punta Cana, Saint Martin and Costa Rica. Costa Rica has two great resorts in the Guanacaste area that offer wonderful amenities to the guests when they are staying at a villa.  Babies and Toddlers? More and more Caribbean family travel villa rentals are now providing nurseries and infant care services for guests traveling with their babies or toddlers. This is welcome break for you, moms, because even if you only leave your kid for a few hours with a baby sitter the nursery during nap time, that short amount of time can be invigorating and gives you a chance to enjoy your Caribbean family travel vacation yourself.

If you’re worried whether on-site doctors or nurses are available, ask your villa manager, he/she will be happy to assist you with that. They’re your best bet. And lastly, as a miscellaneous tip, be sure to double check the site where you booked your Caribbean family travel to make sure that there is a baby-club nearby and it will actually be up and running during your trip. Happy Travelling!