For complete information about amenities please see the individual pages of the villas you are interested in: each has a full amenities table, specifying what is included and what is available on request.

Q. Is electricity included?
A. Electricity is included in the rental price. We do ask guests to use electrical appliances and lighting in a responsible, ecological manner, making sure, for example that outside/garden lights are turned off during the day and that air-conditioning units are turned off when leaving the property or when windows are open.

Q. Is gas included?
A. Gas for cooking and heating is included in the price of your rental.

Q. Is water included?
A. Yes, water is included in the rental price.

Q. Is cleaning included?
A. All our villas have a weekly clean included, ensuring that your villa will be clean when you check-in. If you are staying two or more weeks you will also have a clean and change of bed linen/towels included every 7 days. Please check the description of each villa if differently specified or check with us at

Q. Are sheets and towels provided?
A. Yes. On arrival you will find all the beds made up and towels for all your party. There will also be pool and/or beach towels for your use.

Q. How often are sheets and towels changed?
A. Generally, sheets and towels are changed once a week, though quite a few villas also include a mid-stay change of bed linen and towels. In many villas where a mid-stay change of bed linen and towels is not included, you may request an extra change, for which there will be a small charge payable locally.

Q. Is there a washing machine?
A. Yes. Dryer also most of the times. There is also a laundry service offered paying a small extra fee.

Q. Is there an iron and ironing board at my villa?
A. Yes, all our villas have an iron and an ironing board.

Q. Will I be able to access the Internet at my villa?
A. The vast majority of our villas now have some form of Internet access, either an ADSL connection (with or without Wi-Fi) or a Satellite Internet connection. In a very few more isolated villas, where hi-speed Internet is not available in the area,  a 3G Wi-Fi router or a mobile broadband dongle/key is provided. In this case, guests can buy their own SIM data card and top up as they go. To do this you can take the key to the nearest mobile phone shop with your passport. In Italy, ask for a “carta SIM solo dati” and show them the key. Prices vary from around €7 up, depending how much traffic you want to include in the SIM card.  For Business Retreats and Corporate Events we have the possibility to increase upon an extra fee the Internet Speed placing a router or a satellite. Check with us or the villa descriptions to find out more about Internet connection or connect with us at

Q. How often will my villa be cleaned during my stay?
A. Many of our villas have daily cleaning as standard. Others have cleaning every other day and some include one weekly clean. If you would like extra cleaning during your stay, just say the word and we will organise it for a small extra charge, paid locally. To find out how often your villa will be cleaned, check on the amenities table of each villa.

Q. Is it possible to have a cook at my villa?
A. Yes, in the vast majority of our villas, we will be happy to arrange the services of a cook for you. Please see our villa descriptions or contact us for more details. In some of our villas the services of a cook are included in the rental price. If you’re arriving at your villa in the evening, why not organise for your dinner to be ready and waiting for you on arrival ? If there are event planning fees we will be happy to send you the details.

Q. Ok, we would like a cook. What will we be eating? Can we choose from a menu or will the cook decide? Two of my party are vegetarians, will this be a problem?
A. Generally you will be eating traditional and local food depending on your destination. We can provide menus for some of our villas, or give you a pretty good idea of the kind of things you are likely to eat. Let us know your preferences/dietary requirements (i.e. fish, meat, no sea-food etc.) and we’ll pass on your requests. A great many of the local dishes are vegetarian so members of your group who don’t eat meat/fish will still have an amazing gastronomic experience!

Q. It is my Wedding Anniversary while we are on holiday. Can you organise a special dinner party and some live music or fireworks?
A. Just let us know as soon as possible and we’ll arrange something special for you. There could be event fee but we will be sure to send you a quote for your approval

Q. We plan to relax as much as possible and would love to have a masseuse come to our villa once or twice. Is this possible?
A. Once again, we’d be happy to organise this in most of our villas. Just let us know in advance.

Q. We plan to do a lot of touring round, sightseeing, but we don’t want to drive every day. Can you arrange a private driver for us?
A. Absolutely! No problem. Speak to your Pre-Departure Manager before you travel or with your Local Manager whilst you are away. We do offer very luxury rental tour and have a great collection of luxury cars also to rent with or without driver.

Q. Can you provide guides to take us round historic towns or archaeological sites?
A. We often arrange guides for our clients. We work with tried and tested, fully-qualified guides who will give you great insights into what you are seeing. For complete information about amenities please see the individual pages of the villas you are interested in: each has a full amenities table, specifying what is included and what is available on request.