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One of the most beautiful things about going on vacation is being able to eat as a passion and not a necessity. Vacations are meant for relaxation, sightseeing and wonderful culinary delights that your destination offers. If you are a foodie or just love to have your palettes blessed with gastronomical marvels that the destination has to offer. In Europe, few countries have a more interesting culinary history than Italy. The beautiful country of Italy is one of the most diverse countries concerning diet and wine.

Italian cuisine is well-known globally for its taste and creative presentation. Curiously, most of the ingredients used in popular Italian dishes like potatoes and tomatoes were not native to Italy. They were not widely grown till in the 18th century.

In the finer restaurants of Italy, you would be expected to indulge in at least three courses. In fact, dining is one of the most favorite ways to spend time with loved ones in Italy. From an antipasti appetizer to a fish or the first course of pasta or soup, be prepared to have your taste buds worshiped with the richest flavor profiles there are. The second course usually is a protein-based dish of fish or meat and a side dish of a fresh vegetable salad.

Italian dinners are incomplete without traditional Italian wines to go with it. There are wines from about three regions, Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto which your sommelier will match with your meal. Wine isn’t just a drink in Italy; it is a culture. Whatever your preference is in wines, there is a myriad of options to dine with.

Cheese and fruits are favorite dessert options, but you can also have cookies, cakes, and other wonderful pastries as part of your meal. Depending on the region in Italy you find yourself, the choices are abundant. Vacationing in Sicily, you will be treated to cannoli, fantastic pignoli cookies and granite, a blend of water, lemons, almonds and other flavors. Dessert paired with a glass of Marsala wine from a Sicilian vineyard is worthy of a spot on your bucket list.

While you may not get so much variety of wines in Bari and other coastal areas, be prepared to enjoy the best of seafood there is to be had in Europe. Orecchiette pasta, mussels, and the flavourful Brindisi wines or the mildly seductive Locorotondo will make your vacation in Italy a culinary adventure.

Fenice Hospitality offers a wide range of the most luxurious villas in Italy. From Florence to Tuscany, we have some of the loveliest properties that are guaranteed to make your holiday, a delightful experience for you and the family. Whether by the countryside or by the sea, for that special woman in your life or a getaway for the entire family, our luxury collection will provide an unmatched level of comfort that you can only dream about. The villas in our Culinary Collection have been carefully selected to offer you the best in food and wine that Italy has to offer. Some also have a cook service that will help you discover the culinary delights in Italy within the comforts of your villa.

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