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“Your life is the most beautiful fairy tale”

From time to time, each person has the opportunity to go through some interesting and unique experiences. This is especially true in the case of special occasions and the celebrations that we have the opportunity to live. Travelling is by far one of the most important ways to have fun and enjoy your time, and thankfully here at Fenice Hospitality we have you covered.

Thanks to our amazing experience we will be able to bring you an exquisite view into your special occasion, so no matter if you want us to cover your honeymoon, your special birthday or any other occasion, you will receive the best service you can find on the market!

One of the things that distinguish us from any other company is the fact that we will always tailor your vacation to your needs and aspirations, providing you with one of a kind results at all times. We will listen to your needs and plan the journey so that the loved one will be astonished by the high quality of the vacation offered.

In the end, memories are the most important, and for special occasions, no expense needs to be spared, as they will last a lifetime. So be it playing golf in a luxurious location or a trip with the Orient Express, all of these can be one of a kind opportunities to embrace the wonderful occasions that life has to offer and transforming them into a way to show the persons that we love and respect how much we care about them.

But the special occasion service that we are offering isn’t tailored only for individuals, it can even be modified to suit the needs of companies as well. In fact, with the help of creativity and tailoring the plans to the company schedules/ethics, we will be able to help companies celebrate special occasions such as brilliant business anniversaries, fusions or sending their award-winning associate into a special trip.

Special occasions are always offered to the people that we want to reward. It’s all about showing respect and admiration for the things they do for us, and no expense should be spared in this regard. After all, it’s a special person in our life, that deserves everything!

This is what we are offering you here at Fenice Hospitality, the ability to take full advantage of those ones of a kind opportunities that appear in your life and explore them with your loved one. A great idea! Don’t hesitate to contact us today and start to customize the perfect travel schedule for you and the most important person in your life!