The Botanic Gardens are a part of the Hotel Villa Cipressi, a wonderful building on the lake which was built in the 1400s. The garden is open to the public, whereas the rest of the building belongs to the hotel and its restaurant. The Botanic Garden is a century-old beauty which touches the lake and features several plants and flowers which nature lovers will adore. It is located on different tiers which overlook the waters in sublime ways.

The other exceptional Botanical Garden is located at Villa Carlotta

The garden-park of Villa Carlotta (about 8 hectares) is a very fascinating place: its favourable position, but also the harmonic coexistence of styles, the variety of plant species, the literary suggestions make it worthy a visit. Come and see the Italian garden that dates back to the XVII Century with its geometrical schema, stair and terraces, statues and fountains; feel the echoes of the Romantic period, still alive in the structure of the park with old trees of big size and views of great charm; come to live the impressive vegetal architecture of the second half of the XIX Century with the monumental azaleas and rhododendrons and the unending richness of rare plants and species!